MEGA LAB LIMITED was founded in 2019 as a catalyst for a better life for my newborn daughter, Angelene. As a new father, I often contemplated how I could do parenthood "the right way." And at what cost would I live to "make ends meet." These thoughts weighed very heavily on me.

My love for custom screen printing began to make a lot more sense. If I could do what I love everyday, and make a living off of it for my new small family, then I must be "making it." Right? I thought so at the time, and I still do.

From that moment on, life became real. It was time to start living for my family, by Angelene's rules. Fulfilling purpose and inspiration began to flood in, and the proof was in the printing.

I moved my print setup from my home location in West Akron, into 12,000 square feet of pure fatherhood-- and began working diligently.

Can you believe that there are still only 24 hours in a day?

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