our story,
so far.

MARCH 1, 2020 — Mega Lab Limited emerged from our owner Brian Baxter’s basement, and took the plunge into brick and mortar. Nestled into Downtown Akron’s brewery district just a stone’s throw away from The University of Akron. With all of the thrills that come with opening a new business legitimately to the public, we were met with something that none of us could’ve seen coming– COVID-19.

MARCH 15, 2020 — Ohio Governer Mike Dewine shuts down the entire State of Ohio. It was like the world was paused, and with it, events were too. What did this mean for Mega Lab Limited? Well, Brian and his new team were ready to pivot with the weight of the pandemic. With no events, or really any desire for promotional goods (Printed Garments) the “make or break” factor became very real.

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