1.1 Once an order has been placed we will send you an invoice to confirm we have received payment. You are required to make certain all details are correct as per your requirements. We will print garments based on the information provided on the invoice document and we cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies between the invoice and your requirements after this document has been confirmed.

1.2 If something isn’t included or is incorrect on your invoice you must flag it up in writing and we’ll resend a corrected document. Any work already in progress will not be refunded, this includes artwork films, screens, ordered garments etc. 

1.3 Returning incorrect garments to the supplier may incur a restocking fee.

1.4 The final quantity of garments printed is subject to a +/- 5% tolerance. This is due to unavoidable issues that can occur during printing which we cannot foresee. If you require an exact amount of garments please take this into account when choosing your quantities to order.

1.5 If you are supplying garments you are responsible for communicating any special technical requirements for these (e.g: whether the garment will discharge, fabric content, measurements). Failure to do this before the order is confirmed could result in delays. Although we are happy to print onto supplied garments please note that you do so at your own risk and we will not be held responsible or compensate for anything that goes wrong during production. Mega Lab Limited accepts no responsibility to pay for any fees or charges that arise as a result of this. We recommend that you send an extra 5% of the quantity as spares for product testing.

1.6 We recommend all garments are washed before worn.

1.7 All reprinted designs have free screen setup for 3 months after the initial order subject to a minimum order of 25 garments.


2.1 All artwork must be supplied at high resolution (at least 300dpi), actual print size, and in CMYK mode. It is essential that the file you supply is as high quality as possible as this will affect the print quality. We accept PSDs, PDFs, and Vectors.

2.2 If you require an exact ink color, please provide a Pantone reference, otherwise we will use the closest match as per our computers. Every effort will be made to reproduce ink colors for reprints but please send us a sample if you require an exact match.

2.3 The customer is responsible for supplying artwork to us for which they have the relevant permissions or licenses to use for print. We accept no responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by using artwork supplied to us.

2.4 We are always happy to offer guidance for the best size and position for your print on the garment, however if you have specific requirements it is your responsibility to communicate this to us and have it confirmed in writing.


3.1 Full payment is due before we start working on your order unless agreed otherwise by us in writing.

3.2 If a working relationship is established then a credit account can be set up with us at our discretion. Payments on account are due 30 days from the date of invoice.

3.3 If in the event that a credit is applied to your account, the credit balance MUST be used within 12 months of the credit being applied. If the credit is not used within this time period, Mega Lab Limited reserves the right to void the initial credit balance.


4.1 Our normal turnaround is 10-30 working days but this may fluctuate. If additional items are added to your current order, please expect that your turnaround time will restart due to ordering blanks, schedule times, order schedule times and other factors that work within our shop flow.

4.2 If your job has a deadline this must be discussed with us at the time of ordering otherwise we cannot guarantee that we can meet the date. We can accept no responsibility for missed photoshoots/loss of sales for not meeting a deadline if it has not been previously agreed, or if turnaround has been affected by circumstances out of our control.

4.3 Certain print types such as all-overs, garment customizations or post-print services (re-labelling, folding and bagging) may extend the lead time. e.g: All-overs are printed in runs of maximum 50 prints per run, as after this time the quality of the print starts to degrade. Additional runs after the first 50 all-over prints will also require an additional half price setup fee.

4.5 We order all garments in per individual order and are not responsible for stock levels of garments from our suppliers. If we discover an ordered item has gone out of stock we will notify you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable replacement. We are not responsible for delays to orders caused by garment stock levels.

4.6 Orders required sooner than our usual turnaround may incur a rush fee.

4.7 All deliveries are handled by a third party courier who are in control of delivering orders as per the services that we book with them. We can not be held accountable for losses or delays caused by the courier but we will attempt to make the relevant claims on our side if this should occur and rectify the situation as best we can.


5.1 If you discover a fault with part or all of your order you have 14 days to return the goods to us. After this time the goods will be considered to have been accepted, and a refund or replacement will not be offered.

5.2 You will be required to arrange and pay for delivery costs for returning goods, however at our discretion we may reimburse you for carriage costs if we find the fault to be on our side.

5.3 Mega Lab Limited has the option to either refund or replace all, or part of, your order if a fault has been made.

5.4 It is your responsibility to take proper care of any goods that are to be returned whilst in your possession and to ensure that they are not worn, altered or damaged. We reserve the right to refuse to accept returns of any goods that do not comply with this.

5.5 You have the right to cancel your order at any time however an admin fee will be charged. In addition any work already in progress (eg: artwork or screen preparation, ordering garments etc) will be chargeable.

5.6 If we have begun printing we cannot refund or credit you for your order.

5.7 If we find at any point during production that we need to make changes to the method of print, we will contact you immediately to confirm these changes and any change in cost. You have the choice to cancel the order or continue accordingly.


6.1 We reserve the right to promote the brands we work with and the services we provide through various social platforms and our website. If you would rather we did not link back to brand/company or would prefer for photos/videos to be released after a certain date please let your sales representative know prior to the start of the production process.